20th June email sent to members

20th June email sent to members

We hope you all continue to be safe and well. It does look as if the situation with the virus is improving with numbers falling and news that treatment drugs are in use and that a vaccine may not be too far away.

Thank you to those members that responded to our last update with the options we may have in September. Your comments and support is most valuable and appreciated. It does help in our efforts to find a way forward and back to normality eventually.

The one major concern is those members that replied saying they would only return when a vaccine is available. This is totally understandable. Based on the amount of responses we had in total and those that responded in this manner it could mean that 25-30% of members may not return until there is a vaccine.

This will cause major disruption to the organisation of the night leagues and because we will not know the extent until we return it will make it very difficult to be prepared in advance.

It would be a huge help if captains can contact their team members to see how their team is likely to be affected and let us know or if more members can let us know direct.

We only had 50 responses from 650 members so we have not had too much to work with but have to base out thoughts on the information available to us.

Hopefully things will improve over the next 2 months and restrictions will continue to be eased and there will be no second spike of the virus. It would then give members more confidence to return providing the club does its best to safeguard them and the staff.

The more responses/information we have the better as this will help with the planning.

We are also discussing matters at County level and keeping up with updates from the EIBA our National Governing Body.

In difficult and unprecedented circumstances for all please rest assured we will be trying to do our best for the club, the members and the staff.

Best Regards

Chairman, Board of Directors & Management



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