BIBC UPDATE 17.10.2020

Boston Indoor Bowls Club. Update.


Hopefully we will remain in the medium risk tier but if we do go higher sadly it will mean closure of the club until we return to lower tier. Fortunately we are in a lower risk area but who knows what will be decided so we carry on as we are at the moment.

We must thank those members that continue to play at the club and a big thank you to our staff who have all been fantastic in keeping the club as safe as possible. So when you do go in say thank you to them it does mean a lot.


The response we have had to the questionnaire has been good but we would like it to be better so please send us your responses whether you are currently playing or not. We have had 120 responses to date and in the main they have been very positive. Certainly the information provided will aid the directors to make informed decisions.

We would like as many as we can before the 31st October. We will then review the information at the Directors meeting on the 5th November and decide if we give the members further choices or go ahead with a proposal to be implemented on January 1st. The results of the information received from the members will be published so you can all see why such decisions have been made after a further Directors meeting on the 19th November.

The Directors will consider the information received from the members along with existing financial information and how the club should look to the next 5 years in a structured manner.

We are in the unknown at present with the Covid situation but hopefully we can look forward with an optimistic view.


For those playing currently enjoy it while we can and thank you again for your support. For those currently shielding etc thank you for your support and continue to stay safe and let us hope we can all be reunited in the near future.


Chairman and Directors.

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