Boston Indoor Bowling Club Analysis


The directors based on the information received from the members [analysis attached] propose the following from January 1st 2021. Current charges in brackets.

Subscriptions  [£35]         FULL             £50 no early payment discount.                                                   [£15]  JUNIOR       £15

                            [£9  ]          SOCIAL        £15

                            [£2  ]          LOCKER       £3


Rink fees.        [£1-50 p/h or £3 for 2hours]     £1-75 p/h or £3-50p for 2 hours.

During the Covid period we have charged £3 for the league games and this will remain the same during the continued restrictions but will go to the above when we are able to go back to normal.

We feel our rates are very similar to other clubs in the county and the region especially those that employ staff.

We are also asking for any member willing to make a voluntary one off donation to help the club to please do so for any amount of their choice. We did have a good response from some of the members on this.

We would ask that those who do donate to please fill in a gift aid form as this will enable the club to receive a 25% tax refund. It is our intention to then have a Crowd Funding page with a minimum target of £10000. If we then reach this Sport England will match fund the amount we raise as long as we reach the minimum we state.

If we are successful with this then we can replace our air condition system with a more modern system and have the correct fresh air flow.

If possible could members pay by direct bank payment to the club’s account as detailed below and make reference whether it is subscription payment or a donation.



Bank details are Lloyds Bank. Sort Code 30-91-04  Account number 00132637

Name of the account is Boston Indoor Bowling Ltd.

We thank the members that responded to the questionnaire as it certainly assisted the Directors in making the above decisions and followed the majority of responses and therefore hopefully accepted as a democratic outcome.

Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.


170 responses  Subs.  Stay same. £40 £45 £50 £55 £60

                                                12             12  55    71   4       14.

Rink fees. Stay same        £1-65/£3-30             £1-75/£3-50  £1-90/£3-80  £2-00/£4-00

                        25                               30                   69                   1                      40

 A few members replied back saying that they will not be rejoining because of health reasons.

Approximately 25% stated they would give a donation.

Many Thanks.

Richard White. Chairman

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