The Directors met yesterday to make forward plans as follows.


The club will remain closed for the foreseeable future but will be reviewed again on April 20th although at this stage there is unlikely to be any change.

Tanya will be contacting members that may be isolated/vulnerable and require some assistance e.g meals, shopping etc. and see if we can help at all. If there is a demand a home meal delivery/collection service will be set up by Tina.

It is hoped summer bowling will be able to take place at some stage and will be announced as and when possible.

Any events that was being organised by the club have been cancelled, others by 3rd parties are likely to be cancelled but await further news on these.

The leagues will be deemed to be complete and the current captains will be contacted in the next few weeks to see what teams wish to continue next season. We sincerely hope all will and we have full leagues next year as this income is vital.

There will no club brochure this next year but a fixture list will be produced as well as being placed on the website. Hopefully this will be complete well in advance of the season.

Depending on when we can open and due to the fact the outdoor bowls season will more than likely be wiped out we may well try to complete the club competitions and have a presentation night to launch the new season.

Competition entries for the new season for the national and county will be required and members will be contacted by phone or email to see if they wish to enter any or you can contact Tanya via email to let her know your requirements. We have not yet received any information from the EIBA or County on these but as soon as we have we will publicise this.

We will obviously monitor the situation but we are in the unknown and can only hope we all stay safe and that we can resume normal life before too long.

If you need any help let us know, in the meantime stay safe and well.


Sports Committee AGM. This was obviously not held but the Directors will speak to the Sports Committee and make any necessary decisions for the smooth running of the club next season.

Company AGM. This will obviously not take place at present and we are checking what the legal obligation is for this but guess there will be some dispensation in the circumstances.

If anyone is willing to be a Director please let the Chairman know.



The Directors.



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