Night league report week 11

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Evening League Report Week 11: 15 and 16 November 2021

Week 11 of the Evening League at Boston Indoor Bowling Club saw five of the twelve matches end in victory for less fancied teams in Division One and Two against higher-performing opposition.

In Division Two, league leaders Golfers suffered their worst result of the campaign, beaten 4-2 by seventh-placed Vikings, who could even have taken the match 6-0. Volatile scoring saw the lead change five times on each rink during the games.

Terry Marshall’s rink won the game for Vikings 19-14 with a final burst of 6 shots over the last three ends. Vikings held the lead on John Stray’s rink after the penultimate end, only to lose to a score of 5 shots from Gordon Callichan’s Golfers that grabbed victory by 19-16 at the death.

There were also 6-0 wins in Division Two for Shipmates, previously ninth, against fourth-placed Dynamics, and for Hotspurs, in sixth, against second-placed Autos.

Shipmates won comfortably on Mick Ross’s rink by 22-13. The score on the other rink was still close after 14 ends, with little to choose between the teams, before Jeff Skelton’s trio found the better finishing stretch to take the match 16-14.

Autos started well on one rink against Hotspurs, but Mike Nelson’s bowlers then found their form to catch and overtake them, eventually winning convincingly 21-14. Hotspurs started well on Neil Owen’s rink, but Autos under Jeff Homewood were tenacious and managed to sneak the lead after 15 ends, but then failed to score on the last two ends, so Hotspurs won a close game 14-13.

Amateurs faced and beat Phantoms 6-0, winning comfortably 25-5 for Ron Spence and 22-8 for Mick Greet.

The Burtons were also 6-0 victors against Vectors. Vectors had the advantage on one rink before Chris Hill’s Burton’s team ran out 20-11 winners. The score was closer on the second rink, 17-14 to skip Gordon Neal.

Patriarchs beat U3 by 29-7 to take 2 points for one rink, U3 collecting 4 points for the rink not played.

Golfers are still top in Division Two by 14 points. Amateurs have moved into second, with Autos and Burtons only separated by shot difference three points below them. A real scrap is developing for places below Golfers as the season moves into its middle phase.

In Division One, seventh-placed Nomads faced and defeated third-placed Holland Fen 4-2. Daniel Harrison skipped his Nomads rink to victory by 21-11, taking the second half of the match by 18 shots to 4 in a devastating run of scoring.

Only 2 shots separated the teams with two ends to go on the other rink, but the Fenmen under Steve Skelton finished better to take it 17-12.

Strollers started the week in eighth place and beat IBC, previously fifth, by 6-0. They started well on both rinks and won with relative ease by 25-17 for Mick Dodes and 19-9 for Andy Warne. As a result, Strollers moved one place higher to seventh, while IBC dropped one place to sixth, just one point ahead.

There were 6-0 victories for Breakaways, Parthians, Eastenders and Invaders, but some tight matches too where the result was in doubt until the closing ends.

Against Royal Mail, Breakaways withstood a final flourish of 5 shots to win one rink 15-13. On the other rink, the score was tied at 12 apiece after 16 ends, before Mark Brown navigated his Breakaways trio to win 19-12.

Parthians were pitched against Central, winning one rink convincingly 23-5 for Phil Markham. Central were leading 11-9 after 14 ends on the second rink, but lost 12-17 to a burst of scoring from Parthians over the final 4 ends.

Eastenders beat Cosmos 21-9 on one rink. They were initially behind on the other and the scores remained close to the end when they eventually won 20-15.

Invaders were in charge on both rinks against A40, staying ahead to win 20-13 for Rod West and 15-12 for Ian Tebbs.

Stephen Boycott

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