Returning to Indoor Bowls

Returning to Indoor Bowls


At this stage we do not know under what parameters we may be allowed to return to but we have to plan ahead.

Here are some thoughts and possible options however we would like to return to normal but will there ever be a normal as we have known it?


The Club will ensure the following:-

** Hand sanitizer at the end of each rink and other points within the building.

** Club and equipment will be kept clean

** Staff and Members will be protected in the best way possible

** Club may also provide masks but members are requested to provide their own.

Rules we may put in place are:-

** Rinks for social play to be booked online or by telephone in advance for.

** The daily programme may have different timings to allow a change over period to free up the building and rinks and avoid congestion.

** There will be a one way system or directions around the club to avoid congestion areas.

Whilst on the rinks we would be providing 2 jacks per rink and would ask the following of the players.

Only 1 Skip touches jack and places it where the lead requests.

Only 1 person touches scoreboard/scorecard.

Only 1 lead places the mat.

Jacks/Mats/ Scoreboards will be sanitised after each session.

Here is the dilemma.....

If we use only 3 Rinks to enable social distancing the revenue will fall by more than half. This also means Night League would be spread over 6 nights a week to get them played.

Here are the options

Option A

We hopefully return as normal

Option B

This would be a preferred option for revenue but will require tolerances from members until we can revert back to normal. Revenue will be compromised but perhaps only by 20%. We mark the Green out in 5x12ft rinks with 6ft between rinks and a good margin down the sides 4ft 6”. We will use 3 metre T’s to give more space at the ends of rinks.

Play 1 hour 30 minute sessions with half an hour change over period to allow building to clear or people get sat out of the way to allow social distancing.  Have 6 players on a rink maximum. Night Leagues play 6.30pm-8.00pm and 8.30pm-10.00pm. One match on rinks 5 & 6 would play half the match a session and one half on session two. The 8.30pm games would move to a Thursday. This would apply to Div 1 & 2 only.

We may have to introduce a voucher scheme to restrict the use of cash. You would be able to buy a voucher worth £30 on your card and then hand a voucher in everytime you play.


Option C

We use only 3 rinks 2/4/6 and half the match at 6.30pm and half at 8.30pm but this spreads the leagues over 6 nights and very limited to our Day Leagues.


Whichever option is preferred by the members it will result in significant declines in revenue. It will depend on when we think normality can return to whether prices will need to increase immediately or whether if for a short period the club can rely on reserves. The Grant we received only covered loss of revenue from closure to 31/08/2020.

What are your views??

PLEASE indicate if you return to the club to play depending on the following:-

  1. Vaccine in place. YES/NO
  2. Satisfactory social distancing and safety measures in place. YES/NO
  3. Will return whenever open. YES/NO

Let us know and if you have any further ideas...

Take care and keep safe....

Chairman, Board of Directors and Management.


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