Disabled Bowling

The sport of Bowls can be played by almost anyone, with or without a disability.

Bowls can be played in many formats, singles, pairs, triples and fours. It can be played in teams of whatever number you wish. Bowls can be played competitively at local, national and international level or can be a social pastime, whatever you want. Bowlers with a disability can compete with or against non-disabled bowlers in most situations. 

Whether you are an existing bowler with a disability or if you have never tried bowls and have a disability, why not contact us. We would love to hear from you and for you to get involved with the club.




We currently have 5 disabled parking spaces available for club members and each are within 50yds of the main entrance making access to the club readily accessible.
Club Access

All access points, both external and internal, are wheelchair friendly making moving in and around the club easy and safe.


All external access doors to the club are automatic either via motion sensors or by use of an access key allocated to each member.


Access to the toilet area and changing rooms are via automatic doors.

Once inside the club there is no area that is not readily accessible by wheelchair

Green Access

Access to the green for wheelchair users is available via the use of ramps and for non wheelchair users there are handrails strategically placed at both ends of the green to assist them getting on and off the green.

Toilet Facilities

As well as the normal able bodied toilet facilities there is also available a fully functional disabled toilet.


In order for disabled participants to participate in inclusive Bowls activities it may be necessary for individuals to purchase adaptive equipment. Should you feel that you would like to purchase additional equipment to help in your bowling enjoyment these can be easily purchased through the club. However, as a club we already have some equipment available so that you can get started straight away.


Disabled Access Wheelchair
Disabled Access Wheelchair
Disabled Access Wheelchair
Disabled Access Ramp

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Boston Indoor Club welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to prospective members of all ages, abilities and agilities - from juniors to great-grandparents, from absolute beginners to national level players.

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